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TDM Inquiry Scoring

Powerful proprietary technology that immediately increases your propensity to
convert online leads and inquiries

Immediately increase your propensity to convert. Stop sifting through bad contact information and prospects unlikely to convert. Identify those higher quality inquiries in real time.

TDM Inquiry Scoring goes way beyond ordinary filters and verification.

From demographic segmentation indexing to mobile attributes, Inquiry Scoring helps you focus only on leads that have the highest propensity to convert, right from the start!

TDM Inquiry scoring uses sophisticated data collection, analysis and verification technology:

Cherry pick the prospects with that have the higher propensity to convert.

Improve efficiency by automatically rejecting leads unlikely to convert.

Easily detect landline vs wireless numbers to create text blast lists.

Filter out business phone vs personal phone numbers.

Identify prospects phone attributes.

Bullseye Lead Management System

Stop sending leads and inquiries to an inbox. Add the Bullseye Lead Management System to your Inquiry Scoring program and visualize your marketing performance daily.  Track your campaigns’ success in real time and access customized reports by aggregating your leads in Bullseye. Identify trends, track your spend, glean performance and so much more. Call TDM today to set up a demo!

Target Direct Marketing

Identifying and reaching your best prospects on their terms—whether texting, emailing, sending direct mail, or inquiry & lead generation (PPL/PPI/PPC/CPC)—requires constant adaptation. Converting takes even more: strategies and proven communications developed from decades of experience.

Our responsive Client services team works closely with TDM’s marketing, creative and technical departments. We consistently anticipate client goals, and ensure campaigns are updated ina timely manner, paced consistently and optimized accordingly.

Target Direct Marketing, LLC (TDM) has been maximizing conversions for clients of all sizes for more than 23 years. Our proven Direct Mail, TDMtxt, and Online Inquiry & Lead Generation, combined with TDM Inquiry Scoring technologies, are designed to cultivate high-converting prospects, improve your ROI, raise brand loyalty and increase your reach—both online and locally.

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Target Direct Marketing

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