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Direct Mail

Put your brand in their hand!

Direct mail puts you in front of your audience long enough to be seriously considered and increase your brand’s awareness. Give prospects a real feel for your organization with lasting communications that deepen engagement.

Customized direct mail drives conversions by building a tangible relationship and speaking to your prospects at specific stages in their decision-making. TDM has over 23+ years of experience in direct mail alone.


Those unconverted leads you worked in the past are still live inquiries. Today, they may be ready to renew their interest!

Send them a direct mail piece now and drive down your cost per conversion immediately.

High School Seniors, Juniors & Their Parents

Keep your brand in their hands while teens and their parents are making their post-high school decisions.

18+ Adults and Learners

TDM can access and filter list by demographics to meet your needs.

TDM’s direct mail services include: expert market analysis and strategy, list acquisition, eye-catching design, copywriting and campaign management.

Experience multichannel marketing with TDM! Enhance your message and increase your ROI.

Boost your conversions 10-30%

more when combining multiple channels in your campaign

Target Direct Marketing

Identifying and reaching your best prospects on their terms—whether texting, emailing, sending direct mail, or inquiry & lead generation (PPL/PPI/PPC/CPC)—requires constant adaptation. Converting takes even more: strategies and proven communications developed from decades of experience.

Our responsive Client services team works closely with TDM’s marketing, creative and technical departments. We consistently anticipate client goals, and ensure campaigns are updated ina timely manner, paced consistently and optimized accordingly.

Target Direct Marketing, LLC (TDM) has been maximizing conversions for clients of all sizes for more than 23 years. Our proven Direct Mail, TDMtxt, and Online Inquiry & Lead Generation, combined with TDM Inquiry Scoring technologies, are designed to cultivate high-converting prospects, improve your ROI, raise brand loyalty and increase your reach—both online and locally.

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Phone: 816-994-1357

Target Direct Marketing

510 W. 5th St.
Kansas City, MO 64105