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Text Marketing for the Win – How to Drive PPI Conversions

Many post-secondary career schools and colleges utilize Pay-Per-Inquiry (PPI) channels within their marketing strategy. On average we’ve seen schools allocate 25% of their marketing spend to PPI which results in 20% of enrollments. However, converting these prospects from inquiry to enrollment is a challenge that many admissions teams have yet to overcome. This article is […]


How Direct Mail Out Performs Digital Channels

[Originally published in FeedFront Magazine] Direct Mail response rates have flourished compared to their online counterparts and it’s time marketers take action. Some might be surprised to know that direct mail remains a popular and effective marketing channel in 2017, despite living in an age of smart phones and touch screen computers. In fact, according […]


Changes in EDU Industry Outlook

Within 24 hours after the U.S. Presidential election on November 8, 2016, publicly traded For-Profit Education stocks increased on average by 15%. Two weeks later, Wall Street has remained bullish on the opportunity in the for-profit education industry brought forth by the change in administration. With full control of the executive and legislative branches, many […]


5 Ways to Improve Lead Gen Performance

Everyone manages the lead gen process differently. As lead generation marketers, we’ve all been in situations lacking enough data, but what we really want is more opportunities to convert pre-qualified prospects—even better, more opportunities without the extra spend.


6 Experts Share Their Enterprise Email Marketing Strategies

Enterprises have unique challenges when it comes to creating and executing email marketing strategies. When you’re sending out tens of thousands or millions of emails, any tiny thing that goes wrong can cost you a lot of money or even customer loyalty. But what are some of the key pain points in enterprise email marketing […]


Direct Mail is Not Dead

Harness direct mail for campaign synergy that targets your existing database of student inquiries to convert leads into enrollments. The Direct Mail Association (DMA) released its 2014 Statistical Report that indicated many sectors of direct mail are working. Some marketers may argue that paper is dead. But before you form a conclusion, I encourage you […]


Direct Mail: What’s Working and What’s Not

The Direct Mail Association (DMA) released its 2014 Statistical Report in April that indicated many sectors of direct mail are working while others are not. Some marketers may argue that paper is dead. But before you form a conclusion, I encourage you to take 39 seconds and view this funny YouTube video ad from a […]


ROI on Direct Mail: Traversing the Rocky Path in a Digital World

It’s been talked about, tried, measured, and perhaps you found it wanting. Many have ventured down the path of direct mail but didn’t have much luck traversing this sometimes rocky trail.


Exclusive Leads in Education: Are they worth the spend?

Shared leads, the leads that generators can sell to more than one brand, are the rulers of lead generation in the Education space.


Marketing During the Marketing of Transparency

The lead generation industry is in a mad scramble to deliver you better leads. Every company with any wherewithal feels the burn on its ears as questions about lead quality and standards follow the industry. And there’s good reason for the unrest.


Target Direct Marketing

Identifying and reaching your best prospects on their terms—whether texting, emailing, sending direct mail, or inquiry & lead generation (PPL/PPI/PPC/CPC)—requires constant adaptation. Converting takes even more: strategies and proven communications developed from decades of experience.

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