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Direct Mail is Not Dead

Harness direct mail for campaign synergy that targets your existing database of student inquiries to convert leads into enrollments. The Direct Mail Association (DMA) released its 2014 Statistical Report that indicated many sectors of direct mail are working. Some marketers may argue that paper is dead. But before you form a conclusion, I encourage you […]


Exclusive Leads in Education: Are they worth the spend?

Shared leads, the leads that generators can sell to more than one brand, are the rulers of lead generation in the Education space.


Marketing During the Marketing of Transparency

The lead generation industry is in a mad scramble to deliver you better leads. Every company with any wherewithal feels the burn on its ears as questions about lead quality and standards follow the industry. And there’s good reason for the unrest.


Target Direct Marketing

Identifying and reaching your best prospects on their terms—whether texting, emailing, sending direct mail, or inquiry & lead generation (PPL/PPI/PPC/CPC)—requires constant adaptation. Converting takes even more: strategies and proven communications developed from decades of experience.

Our responsive Client services team works closely with TDM’s marketing, creative and technical departments. We consistently anticipate client goals, and ensure campaigns are updated ina timely manner, paced consistently and optimized accordingly.

Target Direct Marketing, LLC (TDM) has been maximizing conversions for clients of all sizes for more than 23 years. Our proven Direct Mail, TDMtxt, and Online Inquiry & Lead Generation, combined with TDM Inquiry Scoring technologies, are designed to cultivate high-converting prospects, improve your ROI, raise brand loyalty and increase your reach—both online and locally.

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